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JOIN has an impressive range of content and links. It ranges from information catering to everyday needs such as current Acts and Regulations, through to links to overseas reference sites for judicial officers dealing with complex issues. With the help of court librarians, the College identifies the best and most helpful sources of information available.

Some resources are 'free websites', others are links to commercial services such as LexisNexis and Thomsons/Reuters as purchased by the courts librarians. The News section highlights the latest journals and publications, College program material and other interesting items.

To cater for a range of learning styles, the College publishes the papers presented at workshops and the videos of its educational programs. The videos are an invaluable aid for judicial officers located outside the city, and for new appointees.

JOIN Alerts, sent to all JOIN users every month, highlight new and updated items of relevance to each jurisdiction.

The JOIN intranet includes:

  • links to Acts and Regulations
  • College online manuals and benchbooks
  • College program materials - papers, presentations and video
  • online registration for College programs
  • links to judgments and reports
  • information about Victorian court libraries and catalogue access
  • links to online texts and journals
  • links to court practice notes and other resources
  • collections of information for specific practice areas such as family violence and serious injury, and topical areas such as human rights and judicial dispute resolution
  • collection of links and papers on the role of the judge
  • links to other courts & tribunals, judicial organisations and sites of interest
  • information for registry staff.

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The Judicial Officers Information Network (JOIN) is an online resource for judicial officers and their support staff. JOIN ensures judicial officers have access to legislation, judgments, publications including benchbooks and manuals, sentencing statistics and legal reference material.

JOIN is for work use only. All users must agree to the terms and conditions before using it. The Judicial College supplies and manages the username and password.