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The Judicial Officers Information Network (JOIN) is an online intranet for judicial officers and their support staff.

Through JOIN, judicial officers have quick and easy access to abundant and authoritative legal reference material.

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  • saves time and effort by providing a single entry point to the most commonly used information
  • is published securely
  • is readily accessible, allowing access from chambers, courtrooms and home
  • is integrated and cross-referenced
  • increases access for regional and rural judicial officers
  • shortens the learning period for new judicial officers
  • promotes a consistent approach in sentencing and evidentiary matters, and optimises delivery of judicial decisions.

JOIN Managment

The JOIN Management Group has representatives from all jurisdictions and comprises a cross section of judicial users. Its members champion and promote JOIN amongst their peers, and listen to comments, complaints and general feedback. The JOIN Management Group meets three times a year and reports to the College Board.

History of JOIN

JOIN grew from prototype to a key judicial resource in just twelve months and is among the College's most significant achievements. It was rolled out to all Victorian judicial officers in stages during 2004, and officially launched in 2005. The Department of Justice provided technical expertise and funding, while College staff and a Judicial Online Working Party contributed their professional knowledge. The College ensured judicial officers embraced JOIN by providing one-on-one training.

The College has reviewed JOIN twice, after the official launch in 2005, and most recently in July 2008. The feedback gathered during the reviews has shaped the evolution of JOIN. JOIN has been progressively enhanced to support more content, such as online videos, and to grant easier access with fewer passwords. The College adds content as it produces more resources, and as more resources are available online.

In October 2012 the College upgraded JOIN to provide for a more modern look and feel, improved delivery of Web 2.0 features, and more accurate and robust search capabilities.

Future of JOIN 

In 2016 the Board approved the College’s strategic direction for 2016-2025. As part of the College’s goals and strategies for the future, we intend to improve our digital presence and to expand our range of information systems and services. This will require an overhaul, rationalisation and revitalisation of College’s current digital presence, which includes our website, JOIN (judicial intranet), event management and reporting system (‘the Digital Project’). 

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The Judicial Officers Information Network (JOIN) is an online resource for judicial officers and their support staff. JOIN ensures judicial officers have access to legislation, judgments, publications including benchbooks and manuals, sentencing statistics and legal reference material.

JOIN is for work use only. All users must agree to the terms and conditions before using it. The Judicial College supplies and manages the username and password.