- Charge: Witness Support Dog

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[This charge is designed for those cases where the judge believes the jury should be informed about the Witness Support Dog. It will not be necessary in all cases, as the dog usually lies out of view of the camera while the witness is giving evidence from the remote facility.

This charge may be modified for use where the judge decides to give the direction after the witness has given evidence]

Members of the jury, the next witness, NOW, will give evidence while accompanied by a support dog.

Some witnesses are allowed to use a support dog to help reduce the stress of giving evidence. The dog is not a pet, but is a trained support animal.

When you come to assess NOW’s evidence, you should not take [his/her] use of a support dog into account. Do not give [his/her] evidence more or less weight because [he/she] had a support dog. Treat NOW the same as any other witness.

Last updated: 15 November 2018

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