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Book Index – Charge: Replaying a VARE

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You are about to see [part of] the recording of NOW’s evidence-in-chief again. When you watch this recording, you must keep in mind the fact that this is the second time that you are seeing this particular evidence, that you are seeing it after all the other evidence has been given in this case, and that it is only part of NOW’s evidence.

In light of these factors, I must warn you to be careful not to give this part of NOW’s evidence any greater weight than you give to any of the other evidence in this case. It is merely one part of the evidence, and you are required to consider all of the evidence when making your decision.

If the jury needs to be reminded of the weaknesses of the evidence, add the following shaded section:

In particular, you must consider [summarise relevant matters for consideration, such as the cross-examination of the witness or any weaknesses that have been identified in the evidence].


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