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Book Index – Charge: Alternative Arrangements

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[This charge may be given the first time an alternative arrangement is made. For subsequent witnesses, Charge: Alternative Arrangement (Short Charge) may be used instead.]

Before the next witness, NOW, gives evidence, there is a matter I must mention to you. [Describe alternative arrangements. E.g. "NOW will give evidence from a different location, using closed-circuit television" or "A screen has been put in place".]

These arrangements are made routinely in cases like this. As a matter of law, you must not draw any inference adverse to the accused from the fact that these arrangements have been made, and you must not give NOW’s evidence any greater or lesser weight because of the use of these arrangements. You must treat his/her evidence in exactly the same way that you treat the evidence of any other witness in these proceedings.


Last updated: 8 May 2018

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