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2.2.3 - Charge: Transcripts of Taped Evidence

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You are about to be given a transcript of the [tape/video] you are about to [hear/see]. I am giving this to you to help you follow the [tape/video] as it is played. The [tape/video] is the only evidence. The transcript is just an aid. It is not evidence.

If what you read in the transcript differs from what you [hear/see] on the [tape/video], you are to use what you [hear/see] on the [tape/video] not what is in the transcript. So if the words you hear are different from those you read in the transcript, or if the speakers you [hear/see] are different from those identified in the transcript, it is for you to decide who was speaking and what was said.

In considering the tape evidence, it is important that you consider not only what is said, but how it is said. Listen carefully to the way the witnesses speak. Your assessment of the witnesses themselves, and not just the words they say, may be of assistance in determining the facts in this case.


Last updated: 14 December 2006

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