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4 November 2010

On 4 November 2010 we published major revisions affecting all sexual offence charges that address issues of consent and awareness of non-consent.

We archived eight charges that were relevant only to trials commenced before 1 January 2008, and renumbered twelve associated charges.

We have also worked to clarify our "belief in consent" directions, and to integrate them more smoothly into their parent "state of mind" directions.

To achieve this, we published two new charges designed for insertion into unrevised charges:

We have commenced the work of integrating the relevant revisions into the individual charges concerned with offences against adult complainants.

We have adapted the individual charges concerned with offences against child complainants to permit the insertion of the revised directions. However, we will not integrate these directions until further revisions to other aspects of these charges have been finalised.

The following charges were affected by these revisions:

Readers are advised that different aspects of many of these charges may undergo further revisions before 2011, so it may be untimely to reprint this material for hard-copy collections.