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The Victorian Criminal Charge Book is a project of the Judicial College of Victoria in collaboration with the Criminal Charge Book Judicial Editorial Committee. That committee is comprised of judges from the Victorian Court of Appeal, Supreme Court Trial Division and County Court.

Content is researched and drafted by Judicial College researchers. It is published only after being settled by the judicial editorial committee. All published material is revised as required by changes to statute or authority.

The Victorian Criminal Charge Book aims to take the place of an established staple judicial reference – the charge book authored by His Honour Judge Michael Kelly. The College and the judicial editorial committee gratefully acknowledge their debt to this predecessor and its author. This publication is not, however, a new edition of that work. This new project undertakes to completely rewrite all charges, and to present wholly new explanatory material. All care is being taken to present charges in language comprehensible to jurors, without sacrificing legal precision.

Any error reports and suggestions for improvement will be gratefully received, and may be emailed to the Judicial College at the following address:

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