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3.12.1 - Charge: Taking a Unanimous Verdict

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Once you have reached a unanimous verdict on [all of] the charge[s], you should push the buzzer in the jury room and tell my tipstaff. [S/he] will then arrange for us all to return to court.

When you have taken your places in the jury box, my associate will ask you whether you have agreed on a verdict, and what your verdict is [in relation to each charge in turn]. You, [Mr/Madam] foreman, will answer "guilty" or "not guilty", according to the decision the jury has reached.

My associate will then read your verdict back to you, to confirm that what [he/she] has recorded is correct. If any of you think that what my associate has recorded is wrong in any way, you should say so immediately. The record of your verdict[s] can then be corrected.


Last updated: 17 May 2019

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